General FAQs

Dakhla is quite safe and a great beach destination. Some even say it is safer than any city in Europe.

You can get a local SIM card with mobile internet in Dakhla town, a SIM card is around 5 Euros and 1GB of data around 1 Euro.

We can always organize a transport to the different spots, or you can also rent a car in the city.

Everyone who know how to swim. Children as young as 5 can start kiting as long as they have the minimum weight required (at least 35kg). Older people with good coordination and balance, sufficient core strength and lower body stamina, can also practice kitesurfing.

Kitesurfing is no more dangerous than any other outdoor sports. It is a relatively safe sport, especially when compared to mainstream sports.

Yes. Any kitesurfer who respects the sport will agree that beginner lessons are essential. As well as getting you up and riding as soon as possible, a good instructor will equip you with much-needed knowledge and safety know-how procedures.

We teach in a safe environment with flat water and more than enough space with big standing area at the beginning. We start with kiting on land, on the beach and teach you set up and safety. Later on, we enter the water, which spot is safe and fun for everyone.

Yes, we also offer radio walkie-talkie communication between you and your instructor which is great to use it in special conditions, and it impacts your safety and confidence. Stable communication will make you progress easily, and it will help you chat in the water and wind.