By staying at this hotel, guests can enjoy convenient access to nearby restaurants, shops, and cafes, ensuring that they are situated in the heart of the city and can easily explore its offerings.

Moreover, the hotel is close to kite spots, making it an ideal choice for kitesurfing enthusiasts. This proximity means that guests can quickly reach the kite spots for their kitesurfing activities, maximizing their time on the water.

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To facilitate guests’ kitesurfing experience, the hotel offers organized transport to the kite school and kite spots. This service ensures that guests can conveniently and safely reach their desired destinations for kitesurfing lessons or recreational sessions.

Additionally, the hotel provides full kitesurfing equipment for the kitesurfing course. This means that guests who are interested in taking kitesurfing lessons can rely on the hotel to supply them with the necessary gear. This eliminates the need for guests to bring their own equipment, making it more convenient for those who are new to the sport or traveling light.

The package offered by the hotel includes a 15-day and 14-night stay. During this period, guests can enjoy their accommodations and make use of the hotel’s amenities. Additionally, the package includes 9 hours of kitesurfing, allowing guests to receive kitesurfing lessons or spend time honing their skills on the water.

Price List :

Private Semi-Prv Group
Hotel 1593€ 1506€ 1452€

*All Prices are in EURO (€) per Person.
* No hidden fees or costs.