Experience the ultimate personalized kitesurfing lesson in Dakhla with our Private Course option. In this exclusive lesson, you will have a dedicated instructor solely focused on your progress. You will have access to top-quality kitesurfing equipment, and we will film your session to provide immediate visual feedback for self-analysis and improvement.

For absolute beginners, we highly recommend our 12-hour package, spread over three days, weather permitting. This allows ample time for morning and afternoon practice sessions, ensuring optimal learning conditions.

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Our prices are per person and include the following: lessons conducted by one of our certified instructors, provision of a complete set of kitesurfing equipment, a filmed session for in-depth analysis, transportation from your place of residence to less crowded kitesurfing spots, and return transport to your accommodation after the lesson.

With a student-to-instructor ratio of 1:1, you can expect accelerated learning and focused attention throughout your lesson. Our goal is to facilitate fast progress and ensure an enriching kitesurfing experience.

Lessons typically span 4 to 6 hours per day, with morning and afternoon sessions. As an added bonus, we offer radio walkie-talkie communication between you and your instructor. This feature proves invaluable in special conditions, enhancing your safety and confidence. Clear and stable communication enables seamless progression and allows you to communicate effectively in the water and wind.

Choose our Private Course option for an exceptional kitesurfing journey. Benefit from personalized instruction, access to top-notch equipment, immediate visual feedback through filmed sessions, and the convenience of transportation services. Enjoy the advantage of clear communication with your instructor, promoting swift progress and a rewarding learning experience.

START TIME OF THE LESSON We Will Confirm with you the day before your lesson.

Professional instructor


All KiteSurf Equipments


Price List :

Number of HoursPrice in EUROPrice in MAD
Additional Hour60660

*All Prices are in EURO (€) and DIRHAM per Person.

*No hidden fees or costs.