Take your kitesurfing skills to the next level with our KiteSurf Supervision service in Dakhla, available at just €25.00 per person.

After completing your kitesurfing course in Dakhla and gaining the necessary skills, our supervision option allows you to continue practicing while ensuring your safety. Our experienced instructors will keep a watchful eye on you from the beach during your session, providing guidance and assistance as needed. This supervision is essential to help you progress and master the technique of riding upwind.

The start time of your supervised session will be confirmed with you the day before, ensuring that it aligns with favorable wind and weather conditions. Rest assured that you will be accompanied by a professional instructor who will provide valuable insights and support throughout your session.

With our KiteSurf Supervision service, there are no hidden fees or costs. We believe in transparency and providing you with a straightforward pricing structure.

Embrace the opportunity to enhance your kitesurfing skills with our affordable and professional KiteSurf Supervision service. Ride with confidence, knowing that our experienced instructors are there to assist you and ensure your safety.

START TIME OF THE LESSON We Will Confirm with you the day before your lesson.
Professional instructor ***
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*No hidden fees or costs.